November News

November 2017

Congratulations to WE member Laura Meyer Wellman on her appointment to the Duke University Board of Trustees effective July 1, 2017. In addition, she'll serve the Duke University Alumni Association as their President-elect and Chair of its Board of Directors.

Congratulations to WE member Jill Flynn, founding partner at Flynn Heath Leadership, for the launch of the firm's book The Influence Effect, which provides strategies for women to break political barriers and achieve influence.

Congratulations to WE member Lou Solomon for her upcoming keynote presentation February 7 at the TWIST Conference Kickoff Breakfast. The TWIST conference offers women leaders an immersive opportunity to build a supportive network on their journey to self-discovery. 

WE founding member Mary Hopper is pleased to share a very belated birth announcement. Through, Mary has reunited with the daughter that she gave up for adoption 54 years ago -- Madeana Pagdon. WE members attending the December 4 Holiday Party can meet Madeana.

WE member Sonya Barnes will serve as a personal branding expert for the newly launched Tone Networks, a video and social network for time-starved women.

WE members join us as we express our gratitude to Jennifer Roberts for her service to Charlotte and extend our congratulations to WE member Vi Lyles on her historic mayoral win. 

Congratulations to WE member Dean Thompson who is the new Executive Director of Project Life Movement. She will lead the team partnering with colleges and universities to add more young donors to the national bone marrow registry. Project Life is saving lives by increasing the number of potential matches for those diagnosed with blood cancers.