A Message from Our President

Connect, Share and Nourish
Dear WE Members,
Last year - at this very time of year - we were celebrating our 40th anniversary as Women Executives. It was a lovely evening that honored our founding members and celebrated how together we have supported and nurtured each other's professional and personal growth through the decades.
For me, it was inspiring to hear the "why" of WE's founding. To hear the stories of our executive women 40 years ago, reminds me how far we have come both as women and executives. Yet, with even the most current stories in the media today, we are constantly reminded that women supporting women, particularly peers, is as necessary now for personal and professional success as it was 40 years ago.
We have focused our work as a board this year, under Carson Tate's leadership, on envisioning our next 40 years through a year-long visioning initiative. Over 51% of our WE membership took part in this inquiry process and these comments, opinions, and thoughts will be critical to how we move forward and what WE looks like for the future.
The outgoing board along with the incoming board met in March to hear the findings of this inquiry process. The outgoing and incoming boards will meet in April for a half-day strategic planning session to begin drafting a plan to realize the future of the WE that you shared with us. And then our new board leaders and committee chairs will begin adapting the vision into tactics at our May transition meeting. All this hard work happens early so that at our Annual Meeting, on June 28 at 6:00 PM, we will present to the membership this strategic plan.
Will there be changes in the year ahead? Yes.
Will these changes be made to better meet the needs of our membership today? Yes.
Will you notice the changes? Yes. I hope so, in the very best of ways.
But since this "work" is still in process all I can say with full assurance is - stay tuned.
And, of course, please plan to join with us in June to thank our outgoing leaders, love on our new leaders who have said yes to serving our members with their talents, and to also hear where we are headed.  We want you to be with us on the journey in the year ahead and, most importantly, along the way I want to hear from you how we are doing for YOU.
I am so honored, and frankly humbled, and to be President of WE this year. This is an organization of amazing, inspiring, talented, accomplished, and simply interesting women. Thank you for choosing WE as a place you want to be. I am so glad we are here, together, at this point in our history.
I look forward to seeing you very soon!

Sue Gorman
Women Executives President, 2018-2019