• The WINGS Scholarship program is the sole philanthropic venture of Women Executives (WE), a Charlotte organization of professional women, and is managed under Women Executives for Community Service (WECS), a 501c3 non-profit organization.
  • The WINGS scholarship program supports female college students age 25 and older who are pursuing a degree at Johnson C. Smith University, Queens University of Charlotte, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Central Piedmont Community College.  In 2014-2015 WINGS will be supporting 20 scholars across our four partner schools.
  • Our WINGS scholars have a clear financial need, juggle work and family commitments along with their studies, and many are the first to graduate in their families. 
  • WINGS scholars are also assigned a volunteer mentor from the WE organization, a unique feature to this scholarship program.  Mentors help the scholars establish a clear vision and plan of their educational and career goals, as well as maintaining their GPA and course credits. Mentors work with scholars to provide coaching, friendship and support throughout their college experience and beyond. 
  • Since its inception in 1995, WINGS has graduated 94 scholars, provided over $525,000 in scholarships and donated over 16,000 hours in WE member support. In the general population, the graduation rate for 4-year colleges is approximately 52% and in community colleges, even lower.  Among our WINGS scholars, our graduation rate is a strong 77%.
Interested in getting involved with WINGS?
We'd love to have you participate!  Regardless of how you choose to connect, all activities and touch points contribute to create meaningful change in our WINGS scholars' lives.   Here are a few of the many ways to get involved:
Connect with our Scholars through LinkedIn.  It's a great and very simple way to stay connected.  Visit the WE website for more info about how to join the conversation and share your support and insights with our WINGS scholars.

Network with a scholar.  Invite a scholar to lunch, grab a cup of coffee, and share your expertise and networking resources.  You can find our scholars' profiles, along with their mentors' names, on the WE website.  Please work through the scholar's mentor who will be happy to help you connect.

Serve on a scholar selection panel.  WINGS scholarships are offered through partnerships with four local schools:  Central Piedmont Community College, Johnson C. Smith University, Queens University of Charlotte and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  Contact Debbie Enna, Scholar Selection and Renewal Chair, for more information; Debbie.Enna@duke-energy.com.

Become a WINGS mentor.  Interested in flexing your leadership muscles, supporting a deserving a woman in pursuit of her dream and having a great time to boot???  Consider serving as a WINGS mentor.  WINGS is unique in its mentoring component with WE's strong leaders serving as mentors.   Contact WECS Board Member and Mentor Chair, Lindsay Daniel, to learn more.  Lindsay can be reached at 704-525-0777 or lindsay@lindsaydaniel.com.

Make a donation to WINGS. Thank you for considering a gift to WINGS.   Your support ensures that our WINGS scholars are able to achieve their dreams of obtaining a college degree and changing their lives for the better. Simply visit the WE website to make your online donation.  Gifts are 100% tax deductible.  If your employer makes a matching gift, please reach out to Navarro for details on how to request the match.  Thanks!

Interested in other volunteer opportunities? There are many ways to get involved.  For more information, please reach out to WECS President Cindy Quinlan at cindyquinlan@gmail.com or Scottie and Penni with Navarro Group. 
WECS Board Members
The Women Executives for Community Service Board members invite you to reach out to any of us with questions, concerns or good ideas for serving our WINGS scholars.  Following is the 2014-2015 slate of WECS Board officers: